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Why LiFePO4 battery used widely in solar storage?


LiFePO4 battery is well known for its safety performance and cycle life. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are the future of solar energy storage. Do you know why LiFePO4 battery used widely in solar storage?

Let us explore the advantages of LiFePO4 batteries.

1. Lifepo4 battery long cycle life

The life span of the iron phosphate battery has been greatly improved. In the case of standard charging, the service life of the iron phosphate battery can reach more than seven years, with more than 2,000 cycles of charging. Generally, the service life of carbonic acid batteries is only one year at most, and it cannot be used after a maximum of 500 cycles of charging, and its storage rate will become lower and lower as time passes.


2. Lifepo4 battery high safety performance

We all know about ordinary lithium batteries and polymer batteries. When the battery is used for a long time, the battery itself will swell. At this time, we must hand over the swollen battery to the relevant departments for unanimous treatment. Because of the swollen battery It's equivalent to an unstable small bomb! If you don't handle it well, it will explode! So the mobile phone explosions that we often see on the Internet are caused by this. But the iron phosphate battery avoids this very well! It has excellent stability, and it will not show bulge after a long time. Unless you throw it into a high temperature of several thousand degrees or smash the battery forcefully, it will generally not happen.

3. High charging and discharging efficiency

Lifepo4 battery is a lithium-ion secondary battery. One main purpose is for power batteries. It has great advantages over NI-MH and Ni-Cd batteries. Lifepo4 battery has high charge and discharges efficiency, and the charge and discharge efficiency can reach over 90% under the condition of discharge, while the lead-acid battery is about 80%.

4. Lifepo4 batteries are environmentally friendly

Lithium iron phosphate battery has environmental protection performance that other batteries do not have, because the battery does not contain heavy metals. Therefore, the development projects strongly advocated by the state have been applied to the fields of electric bicycles and electric cars.

The advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries have a lot of room for development! Our development and use of it has just begun. Now the theme of society and even the international community is green and environmental protection, so it will have a huge effect.