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How to check the quality of lithium-ion batteries?

The quality of lithium batteries is really difficult to distinguish by visual inspection alone, so multiple tests are needed to determine...

Lithium battery testing is a technical job. Lithium battery test is comprehensive and can carried out from the following aspects:

1. Whether the appearance is clean, whether there is rust, whether the coding is clear, and whether the casing is intact;

2. Detect lithium battery voltage, internal resistance, capacity, discharge platform, etc.;

3. Capacity test, cycle test, high and low temperature cycle, rate cycle, see the degree of curve overlap;

4. Test rate charge and discharge, test temperature rise, test dynamic pressure difference;

5. Store the batch at high temperature and normal temperature, and observe the static pressure difference;

6. Safety tests such as short circuit, puncture, impact, thermal shock, high and low temperature charge and discharge, etc.;

7. Anatomical analysis of the neatness of the winding core, pole piece length, number of pole ears, welding, thickness of auxiliary materials, etc.;

It is a complicated system to detect the quality of lithium battery, which requires professional technicians to check with professional equipment.