Nimh Rechargeable Batteries
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Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

Nimh Rechargeable Batteries Specification:
Model: VTC-AA3000
Nominal voltage: 1.2V
Nominal capacity: 3000MAh
Battery Weight: 60G
Measurement(Φ*H): 23*43.3mm

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Product Description

Nimh Rechargeable Batteries Application:

Cordless Phone, Toy, Emergency lighting, Power Tools, Solar Energy Storage, UPS Power Supply


Nimh Rechargeable Batteries Description:

The rechargeable sealed Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) cell absorbs hydrogen in the metal alloy makeup of its negative electrode during charge. As the cell is discharged, the metal alloy releases hydrogen to form water.

The use of the metal alloy is the underlying reason for the high energy density of the NiMH cell compared to other chemistries. NiMH batteries have a long cycle life and good storage characteristics.


Nimh Rechargeable Batteries Key Features: 

Production technology is mature, quality is stable and pretty safe.
Low internal resistance.
Long cycle life over 500 cycles.
Friendly to the environment: No Cadmium, Mercury effect, Lead.

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