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Is the battery life related to its capacity, the higher the capacity, the longer the life?


Battery life, depends on several factors, the quality of the batteries, the use of environmental load of the battery, simple, the life of the vehicle battery is frequency of use and using habit according to you to decide, in the quality of the batteries of the battery, good batteries, exquisite workmanship, strict quality control and specification, the completion of such batteries charging cycle times as much.  In fact, it may be that the high capacity is due to the addition of something in the electrode material to increase the initial capacity and less to stabilize the electrode. The high capacity battery rapidly loses capacity, while the low capacity battery remains strong.  

The high capacity of the battery comes at the cost of sacrificing the cycle life. For batteries, the cycle life of the battery according to the use frequency of the battery, it may usually take several charging times to complete a cycle.  With each charge cycle, the battery capacity decreases a little.  However, this reduction is very small, and the high quality of the cells will not cause a significant reduction in battery power over many cycles, while the capacity of the battery will remain about 70 to 90 percent of its original capacity.  

In general, the higher the capacity of the battery, does not necessarily mean the longer the life, of course, if the battery cell material can meet the needs, then the life will not be too short, or even increase.