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Why it is so hard to get branded LG/Samsung/Panasonic 18650 battery cell now?

Do you know the reason why it is so hard to get original LG/Samsung/Panasonic 18650 battery cells now? If your product use the original LG/Samsung/Panasonic 18650 battery cells and have it IEC/UL/CB certificated,you might be the ant on the hot spot.Let's inform you the truth.

1.LG/Samsung/Panasonic changed their production line from consumer battery cell to power battery cell and even will stop some models production,such as 18650 2200mah,18650 2600mAh capacity.

2.Now LG/Samsung/Panasonic supplied more and more of their cells to EV manufacturers,such as Tesla. The whole world starts to change to EV field.In the last years,Chinese battery manufacturers starts to produce EV battery and get lots of government allowance.Now India becomes crazy in EV manufacturer.9 of 10 Indian companies wants to start to produce EV due to the government policy.

3.LG/Samsung/Panasonic only supply their cells directly to true manufacturers and there is lots of dealers getting the cells via some underground channel.In the battery carton,they have to hide the information of cell tracking code and supply chain.Some dealers even hold the stock cells on their hand and want to increase at much higher price.

Now the original LG/Samsung/Panasonic supply chain is hard and price doubled.What can we do? Now Chinese battery technology becomes more and more mature and have above 60%-70% battery market all over the world. As the leading and honest battery manufacturer in China for 20 years,we have to help our esteemed customer and solve the problem.Now we have supply perfect and 100% same performance cells to replace the original LG/Samsung/Panasonic cells.Now more and more chinese 18650 battery cell manufacturers promotes their cells to repalce branded LG/Samsung/Panasonic cells.This brings more economic battery solution and quicker lead time for the customers.

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