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VTC power introduction-market prospects of polymer lithium batteries

Market prospects of polymer lithium battery:
  The current polymer lithium battery is a battery with high working voltage, small size, light weight, high energy density, no memory effect, low pollution, low self-discharge, and long cycle life. Because of its many advantages, it has been widely recognized. Since its commercialization, lithium-ion batteries have continued to conquer cities and have been widely used in portable electrical appliances such as laptop computers, video cameras, and mobile communications. Lithium battery electrolyte is currently mainly used in electronic products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, and miner's lamps, accounting for about 90% of all lithium ion usage; it has dominated the high-end market such as mobile phones and laptops, and has become the main power source for various electronic products .
Customized solar street lamp energy storage lithium battery has the following characteristics:
1. Light weight and small size
The total weight and volume are 1/3 of the lead-acid battery of the same specification, and it can be easily carried by the elderly, women, or children.
2. Low temperature resistance
Ordinary lead-acid batteries have less than 50% power when the temperature is below 0 ℃. Li-ion batteries can still discharge more than 90% of the power at -20 ℃, and can still discharge more than 80% of the power at -40 ℃.
3. Long life
Lithium-ion batteries have been charged and discharged more than 300 times in practical applications, and their capacity is not less than 80% of the original capacity, while lead-acid batteries have only 60% remaining capacity after being charged and discharged 200 times.
4. Green and environmental protection
Lithium-ion batteries have no leakage, no pollution, no heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead and other heavy metals. The pollution problem is solved in the whole process of manufacturing and use, and it is a globally recognized green energy source.

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