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The Way To Build A Home Energy System By Battery Bank


   Occasional power outages occurs in the home energy systems when the wind generators and the solar panels do not work. What can we do? Simply, a homemade battery bank helps in the emergency situation. 

    We can easily create a backup battery bank that can seamlessly provide electricity to your home when the primary or main power source fails to work. But if you don't know how to build a battery bank for your home, then here is a guild to the solution.

*The Easiest Method of Making Battery At Home

    It is very easy to make a battery at home. All the equipment you need are some copper wires, two different types of metals, a conductive material, and few other things.

    One of the most preferred methods is that making a saltwater-powered battery. As below are the steps of making your own battery at home!

Gather the necessary materials that include a plastic cup, copper strip, aluminum strip, salt, voltage meter, scissors, and an electrical cable

Fill a plastic cup 3/4th-full with water

Add 1 tablespoon, i.e., 14.97 ml of salt, to the water and stir it well

Place the 2 metal strips into the cup and make sure that the two strips are touching the saltwater

Attach both the lead wires to the metal strips by using an alligator clip

Test the battery

    This was all about how you can make a simple battery at home with just a few easy steps. Now, let's get an idea about how many solar batteries are required in order to power a house.

    To power a house in case of electricity failure, this entirely depends upon below factors.

   Power usage:The electricity usage in houses is measured in terms of kilowatt-hours. it is essential for you to calculate the usage of power at your home. The higher your home power usage, the more batteries you need.

   Working Period:It is a key factor that how long you want your battery bank to supply power to your home. The longer period you need to use the battery bank, the more the more batteries you need.

   Battery Specification:It is vital and crucial to confirm the specification of the batteries, like the voltage, amp-hours. And then we can make the decision of the battery quantity our home-energy system required.

    on the basis of the above-mentioned factors, you can easily decide the number of solar batteries that are needed to power your house.